Где в proshow producer хранятся шаблоны

Эти плагины в 3Ds Max позволяют найти альтернативные способы просчета изображений, визуализируют разнообразные эффекты, которые в стандартном редакторе просчитать нельзя. This file specifies the media files that are included in the slide show and the timing, transitions, motion, text, etc. that are applied for each media file. If the psh file is deleted or damaged, the slide show is lost. For example, a style could be created for adding one caption to a slide, and another for adding two captions. The main viewer can display individual images or play the slide show. The default options for the Compression field are for internet use; however, the Custom setting can be used to set a higher bitrate such as 8000 Kbit.

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