H шаблон html портфолио

Share: Tags: Responsive Portfolio Multimedia K2 Simplicon Changelog 08.08.2014 — yjsg v2 update11.11.2013 — version 1.0.2* J3.2 admin tabs fix10.24.2013 — version 1.0.1* Menu width fix10.22.2013 — version 1.0.0 * Initial release. These custom CSS will overwrite theme default CSS and will retain on theme upgrade also. For the rest of the content the simplest solution is to have an About me page that is set as the site’s front page. Включает в себя личные данные учащегося, ведущего портфолио. Setting up the page In WordPress Admin, select or create the page that will be our main About me page and edit it.

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